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5G change

5G will revolutionise industries and hence Real Estate

5G is the next generation of wireless network technology. It will enable smart cities, buildings, autonomous vehicles and many other technological innovations. It will ensure that devices respond instantly to their surroundings and allow far greater quantities of data to be sent and received. This will vastly accelerate the integration of technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, sensors and monitoring technology into homes, workplaces, hospitals, factories, warehouses and shops.

The implications of this are vast and varied. 5G will connect many more devices without compromising response times. This will enable futuristic swarms of automated robots to sort, pack and transport the goods we order online. In film studios it will eliminate the need for lighting systems to be connected by cables, as hundreds of lights can be repositioned easily, saving time and hugely improving flexibility.

5G brings new building design and locational requirements. These will be needed to ensure uninterrupted signals and to facilitate the operation of new technology which may fundamentally alter the way in which it is used. As 5G fast approaches, investors must urgently explore whether their assets have the right physical attributes to remain relevant.

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