European Thematic Cities Index 2022



The Swiss Life Asset Managers’ index helps real estate investors make the right decisions. It provides information on which European cities are best prepared for thematic structural change. For the second year, London secures the top spot, followed by Zurich and Stockholm moving up to the top league this year.

Our living, working and leisure world is constantly changing and this is reflected in the way we use real estate. To optimally protect their portfolio, institutional investors need to know which properties react positively to megatrends. The Swiss Life Asset Managers’ European Thematic Cities Index (TCI) helps them do this. The data-driven tool compares 135 cities from 28 European countries based on the following:

  • Change & disruption
  • Climate & environment
  • Communities & clustering
  • Consumers & lifestyle
  • Connectivity

The TCI ranking reflects which cities have the best chance of negotiating challenges such as globalisation, climate change, digitalisation or demographic change. It enables real estate investors to review existing positions and to identify new, particularly promising investments at an early stage.

This year, London was again able to secure the top spot. With its concentration of companies, talents and opportunities, the UK capital is once again at the forefront of dynamism, networks and cosmopolitanism. It is closely followed by Zurich and Stockholm, both of which stand out due to their high dynamism and strong networks. While Zurich also stands out as particularly healthy and sustainable, the Swedish capital scores particularly well on the cosmopolitan front.

In addition to major metropolises such as Paris or Amsterdam, the ranking also includes smaller cities like Toulouse and Manchester. It thus covers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities and provides an optimal basis for informed investment decisions.



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